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Is Brand-New Right for You?

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With all the choices to make when deciding to purchase a home, one of the first is whether to buy brand new or one that has been pre-loved. Here are a few factors to consider when deciding which is right for you.

“Lived-in” Homes

• Have character or vintage charm. Many older homes have unique features that appeal to the aesthetic of some home-buyers.
• Stood the test of time. These homes have seen numerous presidents and weathered many storms.
• Located in established neighborhoods with neighbors that may have lived there for many years.
• Often feature mature trees and landscaping.

• Less storage. Older homes tend to have smaller garages and closets.
• Creaks, leaks, drafts, and plenty of things to fix. If you’re not the handy type or plan to renovate at some point, lived-in homes may not be the best option.
• Older appliances, plumbing, electrical, and heating and cooling. These can be costly updates and may be the deciding factor against buying a lived-in home.

Brand-new Homes

• They’re up-to-date on features like new appliances, safe non-lead-based paints, energy efficient heating and cooling, and draft-tight insulation. These are major time, money, and frustration savers!
• Have that new house smell! But really, a freshly built house and being the first to leave a mark on that home can be a highly satisfying option.
• Choices. When opting to build, many new homes are customizable to fit the buyer’s specifications. Whether it’s finishing the basement, adding an additional bedroom or garage space, or selecting the fixtures and countertops, the buyer has options.

• Baby trees and foliage. While the lawns may be lush blankets of green grass, the newly planted trees are still in their infancy and won’t provide much natural shade.
• A lack of history. You won’t find that couple that’s lived in their home for forty years, or the folks that can remember every person that has resided in your home since the early seventies. Everyone is “new to the neighborhood,” and neighborly relations must start from scratch.
• Locations of brand-new homes can either be pros or cons, depending on your lifestyle. New home communities offer less traffic and are typically tucked aside from major commercial areas, which may be great for a family with young children, but less appealing to those looking to walk to major metro attractions or downtown jobs.

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